Level III+

by | Jan 29, 2019


  • 4-Day classroom training working on models
  • 50-175 hour Interactive online training program
  • Comprehensive training includes videos, chart, photos, forms, and digital content.
  • Fully supported with the guidance of an educator
  • Interactive SMP work reviewed and critiqued by an educator to prepare you for real SMP work.
  • There is no other SMP online course like this.
  • Level III Certification
  • Level III+ Certification

What’s Included: 

  • Intensive 4-day classroom training. (32-40 hours)
  • Lunch, snacks and refreshments.
  • Level I Certification upon successful passing of online certification test
  • Level II Certification is provided once material is completed and educator successfully passes trainee.
  • Level III+ Certification is provided upon successful completion of hands-on training as decided by the educator.
  • Access to interactive online training portal for 1 year (from the time of purchase)
  • Optional third-party certification from American Medical Certification Association (AMCA)
  • USTI Hair loss specialist class (added bonus)
  • 3-month supply hair loss solution kit by XTC (added bonus)
  • Equipment packages available

Our SMP Interactive online training program provides you with a comprehensive educational tool for success in the Scalp micropigmentation industry.  Our 50-175-hour course is available for with the support of one of our educators, making this fully interactive program.  Each unit will ask you to provide information and work back to the educator, so they are able to best assist you in your training.  Each unit does conclude with a quiz that you will need to pass.  This program is done at your own pace as you will not have to adhere to a schedule.


You are required to complete and pass Level I & Level II prior to attending 2-day class.

What you will learn from our online training:

  • Customer acquisition
  • The consultation process
  • Managing expectations of the client
  • The concept of scalp micropigmentation
  • Blood Borne Pathogen Certification
  • Safety and sanitation processes
  • Introduction of the Machine
  • Introduction to pre-care and aftercare 
  • Structure of skin and wound healing 
  • Skin tones and color mixing
  • Fitzpatrick, Norwood and Ludwig Charts
  • Symmetry and touchups
  • Depth techniques
  • Building and matching density
  • Conservative, natural and hard hairlines
  • Scar & Alopecia coverage
  • Female Density
  • Pain Management
  • Laser correction 
  • SMP Terminology
  • Diseases and disorders

There are 7 practice quizzes and 2 research assignments that are required to pass this course for Level II Certification with a 75% or higher and to continue on to the 2-day training program.

The certification exam is 125 multiple choice questions.  This exam must be passed with a 75% or higher to receive Level I Certification.  

*Certification exam is an additional $25 fee as it is proctored by a third party.

What you will learn while in the classroom:

  • Hands on education by an expect with typical 3-7 models
  • Learn from 4 Award winning SMP Educator and Artist
    • See how they work
    • Have them help you refine your work
    • Receive expect support before and after the class
  • Learn how to select the proper color, density, hand techniques, and hairline type
  • Learn and see the entire SMP process from start to finish
  • Hard/Edged Hairlines vs Soft/Natural Hairlines
  • SMP for Men and Women
  • Hairline design, blending and fading into the natural hair
  • Proper Fading+ effective pigment insertion
  • Dealing with transplant scars
  • Working through problematic skin
  • Women’s hair loss issues
  • How to assess for corrective work
  • $7,500 standard equipment – April Special $6,300
  • $8,400 premium equipment – April Special $7,200

Scalp Micropigmentation Starter Kit:

  • SMP Tattoo Machine with Power Supply and Petal
  • Needles
  • Ink
  • Ink bottles
  • Synthetic Skin
  • Machine Wrap
  • Gloves

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